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Altinay meerschaum pipes

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Sepiolite, a unique white solid porous mineral is mined around Eskisehir city. Eskisehir, a capital of the Ottoman Empire, means “Old City” in Turkish. Local people call this sea foam ‘actas’ or ‘white gold’. During three centuries European pipe manufacturers exported Sepiolite, valuable for high absorbing properties and heat resistance. However, in the last century Sepiolite was banned for export as national wealth, opposite to smoking pipes exported worldwide.

The most known Meerschaum pipe supplier “Altinay Meerschaum” is situated in this city. The company history from 1964 is displayed in the magnificent Meerschaum Pipe Museum amazingly located right in the rock. A small shop shipped several pipe trials to Europe and quickly turned to the famous Meerschaum pipe supplier. The company is proud of their skilled specialists and carving artists. Altinay pipes with decorative shapes, East motives and refine design are known around the world. Masters make classical smoking pipes and outstanding antique pipes for collectors. Among fanciful head shapes we found even Dr. Watson’s head pipe, right for our smoking pipe shop.

What to pay attention to when buy smoking pipe? To make sure that a pipe is made from a meerschaum block. If you decided to buy a smoking pipe, better choose a trusted specialized place with a great reputation. We offer altinay pipes made from solid porousity block meerschaum never from meerschaum dust.

Meerschaum pipes can be enjoyed right after first firing up. Another advantage of Meerschaum pipes is that it can be smoked several times a day. Meerschaum pipes provide a dry and pure smoke. There is a joke among pipe smokers that hot weather is meers time, cause Meerschaum pipes seem to smoke cooler. Meerschaum pipe are very fragile and require for delicate care. Once a pipe is cooled down, it is to be gently cleaned avoiding any scratches. At long use a pipe is gradually changing to a golden-brown color turning into old distinctive well-smoked pipe over time.