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Missouri Corncob Pipes

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Everyone knows how the legend started. Mark Twain was the first who said something like – “It’s not just a corncob pipe, it’s Missouri Meerschaum smoking pipe and this is absolutely different.” But how everything was began?

Once upon a time an assiduous immigrant from Holland Henry Tibbe was making furniture by someone’s order as usual. He was asked by a farmer to make a pipe for him because he typically cut it by a knife at home but now wanted to make it a little bit finer. He was just happy with a smoking pipe the woodturner made for him at his lathe, he was grateful and complimented the maker so much that Henry Tibbe decided to make several pipes for sale.

How he was amazed that all of them were sold out for couple of hours. He made more and all of them were sold like hot cakes right they were put on the shop window. So very soon he ceased his furniture making business and seriously got involved into the corncob pipe making process. The company launched its business in 1869. Started from ordinary five cent corn pipes soon Missouri Meerschaum got popularity across the states due to specific pipe finish.

Corncob pipes are made from kernel of specially grown corn planted at least 30 centimeters between each other, twice as much comparing to food corn. The cob should be grown to 5 meters at least, so it requires more space around to grow tall. But Henry Tibbe considered local raw materials too porous. He asked his friend pharmacist how to do it less porous. The druggist adviced him to try his invented substance to apply it outside of the pipe bowl. The corncob pipes became just like Turkish meerschaum pipes. They patented the process soon. Nowadays the company produces 30 thousand corncob pipes a year.

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