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It was in 1947 when Enea Buzzi and his cousin Achille Savinelli, whose father managed a retail tobacconist’s shop selling smoker’s products in Milan, decided to manufacture pipes.

An agreement was reached to sell the pipes under the name Savinelli to take advantage of the shop’s name that was well-known at the time. They founded a factory at Brebbia, a place already well-known for the manufacture of hand-made inlaid pipes or with faces of historical persons or animals.

Both started without much experience but with the intention of competing in a marketplace where other manufacturers marked their pipes “real briar” because of the scepticism of the buyers who thought the price was insufficient for pipes made out of real briarwood.


La centrale idroelettrica di propretà dei Buzzi

The factory was born around a hydro-electric station, one of the first to be built in Italy in 1890.

In 1953 Enea Buzzi took over the ownership of the Brebbia Pipe company that is still under family control.

In 1956 the first trade-marked pipe was thought of and had the make MPB (Manifatture Pipe Brebbia) carved in bas-relief.

In 1954 the Therry Report was published in which the damage to health that was caused by smoking cigarettes was talked about. Involuntarily Dr. Therry launched the fashion of smoking pipes and cigars

Antica foto della Brebbia

In a period of easy sales there followed a crisis that saw the Brebbia company taking a decision to dedicate itself to the more expert smoker notwithstanding the fact that the sales potentiality would have been less whilst the satisfaction was greater.

The real success story arrived in 1960 with the advent of the slow smoking competitions: MPB organised a team of expert smokers that were called in a friendly way “the smokers of Brebbia”.

In 1968 the mould was changed from MPB to Brebbia and the lozenge shape became transformed into its actual shape

L'evolversi dei simboli della Brebbia

In 1976 the company name was changed to Pipe Brebbia Srl but still keeping the characteristic family management.

The 90s were characterised by an incredible cigar boom that started in the United States and spread to Europe and became a real fashion. But like all fashions it finished and the smokers who had changed from the pipe to the cigar made an about turn with greater emphasis after having already assimilated the culture of the cigar